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When will the event take place? 


The event is being held on Sunday September 1st, 2019 and we are inviting people to arrive from 10am that morning. Everyone must be in place by 11.15am. We will have 45 mins of painting time from 11.30am and eveyone will disperse at 12.15pm. If you feel that you want to paint for longer you can arrive at 10am to collect your board.


Where should we arrive to? 


We have a number of car parks which have been dedicated to the event within a short walking distance from the three registration points between Sennen and Land's End. Please refer to the map page on this website. There will be a charge for all parking of no more than £5 - if you could please bring cash


Where do I pick up my 20cm x 30cm primed board supplied by the event organisers? 


We have three registration points; one at Land's End in the car park, one at the Sennen end of the footpath at the Mayon Cliff Old Coastguard Lookout and one at the mid point on the cycle path (see map)


Do I need to bring a receipt of registration to the event to be able to participate and to pick up the primed board? 


Yes please bring your booking receipt or a debit or credit card with your name on or other ID on the day.


Can I bring any paint or other materials I like along to use? 


Participants are required to bring all paints, brushes, palettes and water/white spirit etc themselves. The event organisers are only providing one primed board per person to work on. In terms of what materials you bring; as long as there is some paint on your art work we will have fulfilled our aim of setting a record for the most people painting in one place at the same time. Please keep your painting kit and other posessions to an absolute minimum as we are keen to enable the footage of the day to show the line of people painting as clearly as possible. You may have as little as one metre per person in the line depending on attendance on the day.


Can I bring more things to paint on such as canvas or paper pads? 


Yes you are welcome to bring other things to paint on but we require everyone to be painting on the boards we are supplying at the designated time we will give everyone in advance of the day.

Can my children participate? 


Yes we are very happy to have children at the event (again at a cost of £2 per person) but please indicate whether you have children attending in your group via the Check Out tick box when you register for the event and we can then allocate you places on the area designated for families which is less undulating and positioned in the most accessible section of footpath.

I am disabled, can I take part? 


Yes we have allocated a section of path nearest to the Land's End car park which has level access. Please tick the relevant Check Out tick box when you register for the event to inform us of whether you would like to be allocated one of the most accessible places along the footpath.

Am I allowed to keep my painting made during the event? 


Yes any art work you create is your own to keep.


Can I bring my dog to the event? 


You will not be able to bring a dog and participate in the event. However, if you are unable to leave your dog at home and you have other members of your party participating in the event then you can bring your dog and stand several yards back from the line of painters who will be positioned on the footpath. With the participants sitting so closely together we need to keep animals away from the activity of the event. Overall we would discourage bringing dogs to the event wherever possible unless absolutely necessary. Please note that the event itself is quite short and once everyone has assembled, the activity of the event begins at 11.30am and eveyone will disperse at 12.15pm

Why is the registration fee just £2? 


We are keen to make the event very much 'art for all' and we have therefore kept the fee very low. However, we are encouraging those who can and would like to donate a little more to this great cause to do so via the National Trust Donation Page.


Can I share my art work after the event via social media or on the event website? 


Yes we will have a dedicated hash tags of #artforgooduk and #masspainting which will enable everyone to share photos of their art work and any other photos of the day.

If I have any important questions about attending the day is there anyone I can contact? 


Yes, although we do not have a big team to answer any questions, if you do have an important query please contact or telephone her on 01736 761015.

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